About the 3 of us!

Welcome to our blog, Day to Day Sisters!  Why did we decide to start a blog? Well if you ask the oldest sister, Sue, she will say it is because her two younger sisters are making her.  Can you imagine, finally the younger sisters are bossing around the oldest? <gasp>
If you ask the younger sisters, Deb & Amy, it is because we have always had it on our bucket list to someday write a novel. <sigh> What better ways to practice our writing skills then start a blog?  We are also spread out across three time zones & with our busy Day to Day lives this is a great way to stay in touch with each other & continue our strong bond that we have.  
Sue is the oldest of the three girls.  She lives in Michigan with her husband & son {her daughter just moved out!}.  She works at her church as their administrative assistant.  Her children are almost grown…her son is just finishing up high school and her daughter is enjoying the college life.  Sue is a wonderful cook, gardener {both flowers & vegetables} & is recently obsessed with Zumba!  

Deb is the middle sister, two years younger than Sue.  She lives in Oregon with her husband & two daughters.  Deb’s daughters keep her on her toes constantly at the ages of 8 and 4.  Currently, she is staying home to raise the girls & is always involved in different community activities.  Deb is great at crafts, home decorating, & creating different lower fat/calorie recipe ideas.  

Amy is the youngest sister, 9 years younger than Sue.  She lives in Minnesota with her husband & two children.  Amy’s son is 9 and daughter is 7.  She works part time as a Human Resources Generalist and full time trying to keep the household in order.  She loves to cook & try out new recipes, read & is trying to become a gardener {a little help Sue!}

We each are at different stages in our lives,
yet are all just living Day To Day!

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KERRY said...

Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog Amy and for the follow :) I am following you ladies right back and I think this is such a wonderful idea to keep the three of you in each other's lives, very creative!
Nice to meet you and I have to say that MRI machine is one scary looking contraption!! And whoever got asked for the ID whilst buying alcohol, take it as a compliment ;)