Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Around middle sister's outdoors

you're getting a quick tour of my outdoors. we are very lucky because we have so many pine trees in this neck of the woods so this is my view from our backdoor - Juniper galore.  we live in a neighborhood but we don't have anyone behind us right now so we have a great view. 

here's our patio. when we built our house we wanted a large patio and i am so happy we went thru with that idea. also, we put in a gas fire pit which i love. when we first designed the patio we were thinking of a circular fire pit but couldn't make it work. finally, our builder suggested a rectangle one, more like a fireplace.  we live near lava fields so we used lava rocks for the fill and we use it year round, lots of fun. 

we eat dinner on our patio all the time.  i want to replace our current outdoor table with a couple of picnic or farm tables.  the table we have is in great condition but with the girls getting older we just need more room - two tables would be perfect for gatherings. if older sister lived close i know she'd snag the current table up in a second, she likes a good deal.  

our patio actually sits up higher then the yard - so you walk down into our backyard from the patio (think brookside sisters). one of my favorite things about our backyard is our sandbox. the girls and their friends will play in the sandbox for hours. you can actually buy beach sand for sandboxes now so it just brushes off them and no big mess indoors. 

our front porch is actually divided into two sections, one section is by the front door and the other off to the side so we have little areas for cozy looking chairs. i wish i could say we out there all the time but we're mainly in the backyard - but it looks inviting.

 i hope you enjoyed the tour. 

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Little Sister said...

I love, love, love the gas fire pit!!! So very cool! Awesome post Deb!!! Yeah!!!