Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Go-To Recipe Party!

I’ve always told my friends that I should have a party. Not just any party, but a Go-To Recipe Party. Now this isn’t a peer pressure party to sell jewelry or Pampered Chef or skin care products or even food products or cookbooks.
No, this is a party for us girls to just hang out, have a few cocktails {maybe even some new fancy cocktail recipes} or wine, have some fun appetizers {because who doesn’t love appetizers, or maybe we’ll call them hor d’oeuvres so we sound fancy} and share our Go-To meals. 

Who doesn’t have Go-To meals? I know I do. When I don’t know what to make for supper or I’m planning my next week’s meals out, I have a list of those meals that I know my munchkins and my hubby will always eat. These are the meals that when my kids grow up and go to college and come home to visit they will say, “Mom, will you please make this! I’ve missed it sooooo much, I just need my Mommy Meals!”  
Ah yes, I can hear it now! 

You know though, everyone says they grow up so fast, I just don’t believe it, not that I want them to grow up faster, but I just don’t feel like my little ones will ever be old enough to go to college. I'm sure my oldest sister, Sue, will disagree with me here. But that’s another post about how needed I seem to be by everyone in the house…back to my Go-To Party!
I think it would be fun to share ideas with my friends and other moms what our Go To meals are. It could be a monthly get together of us girls. Each taking turns hosting the party. Or maybe not even monthly, maybe every other month. We are, after all, super busy super moms and it is hard to get out of the house. But we can do this, right? It doesn’t even have to be a big ordeal. Even though, bigger is always better. We could each bring our own drinks, hell, even beer. We could each bring an appetizer or just let Schwan’s be our friend. Or we could make it super easy and order a pizza. I’m so good at making things easy! Who cares? 
It would Just. Be.Fun!
Then we could each bring in one or two of our Go To recipes each time we meet. Actually, we could call these get-togethers meetings to make it sound official so we have to get together! Then we make copies of our Go To recipes so each girlfriend attending can bring them home. I know a lot of my Go To meals aren’t really recipes though, so they would have to be guestimates {is that even a word} of how much of each ingredient I really put in the dish.
I think this would be so much fun! But getting it started is another story, maybe now with this blog I’ll be more motivated to start something. I figure I can at least share some of my Go To recipes here as I make them at home. Then I will have a list already made up for when I finally decide to start having these parties, um I mean official meetings.
Some of my Go To meals:
  • Meatloaf – I love meatloaf! It is one of my favorite Mommy Meals. I have changed it up a little since I like more garlic and basil then my mother, but it will always be one of my favorite meals my mom makes!
  • Chili – my hubby likes this to be Frito Chilio – I guess when he was in school they served Chili over Fritos. They still do as my kids are now coming home from the same school their Daddy went to and are saying they had Frito Chilio for lunch. I prefer my chili in a bowl with all my toppings, not including Fritos. But, to quote one of my hubbies favorite sayings that irritate me, “I guess that is why they make different colors of paint.”
  • Taco Ring – my hubby always sings ‘Ring of Fire’ when I make this, even though it isn’t spicy??? {I'm not sure either, but whatever, he's having fun and the kids think it's funny}
  • Sloppy Joe's – or as they call them in Minnesota, Barbeque's – I’m still an Iowa girl at heart so this always confuses me since I think Barbeque's are those little wieners in BBQ sauce!
  • Tator Tot Hot Dish – another Minnesota thing – hot dishes – in Iowa they are casseroles!
  • Homemade Pizza – we each make our own – fun, messy time with the whole fam.
  • Spaghetti – sometimes with homemade meatballs, when I’m feeling creative!
  • Meatball Subs – usually with frozen meatballs so it is a quick meal!
I’m finding a theme here that my Go To meals are all beef based.
Let’s see anything else without beef?
I’m thinking, thinking, thinking…
  • Oh, homemade chicken nuggets! YUMMY!
  • Brats or when we have leftover Chili – Chili Dogs {still has beef, I guess}
  • Hot Ham & Cheese Subs – new favorite adaptation of a sub from a dive from our college days!
I think I need to come up with some more non-beef ideas. See why this party would be a good idea?! I’m still new at this blogging thing, but I’ll try and remember the next time I make one of these meals to take pictures so I can include my recipes in more posts!
So what are your Go To meals? Do you and your friends ever get together for a party like this?

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