Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's Almost Time...The Hunger Games

Ah, the Hunger Games…{sigh}. I don't even know where to begin. First of all, my husband thinks I have issues, that I'm a tween or some form of one. I get sucked into these books then the movies, then I get obsessed with them and it becomes a big problem production. {deep, calming breath}
If you've been reading any entertainment magazines or websites {which of course I have} this movie is hard to miss. It comes out to theaters this Friday and I'm about ready to pee myself I'M SO EXCITED! I think, no I know, I'm more excited about this movie than I was about any of the Twilight movies. It is such a weird, twisted, sick story that I just can't seem to put down. It's one of those books where you completely neglect all other responsibilities…cleaning, cooking, kids, husband, dog, sleeping, eating. 
I had to read it again this week before I see the movie just to refresh my memory of everything that happens. And even though I've read it before and I know the ending, it still grabs me from page one to the end and I'm biting my nails in anticipation for what is going to happen next. 
There are so many parts of the book that I can't wait to see in the movie. The clips and trailers that have been shown look so close to how it is portrayed in the book and what I saw in my mind while reading said book. I mean isn't that what people always want to know, how close to the book are they sticking? {Are they checking with me to make sure it is what I was picturing in my mind?} With a book like this that has so many psycho obsessed dedicated followers it is always a bit risky.

Anyway, since you've asked, here is a list of what I'm looking forward to seeing:
  • The 3 costumes for Katniss in her big introduction to the Capitol as the ‘girl on fire’ and her final scene. They sound almost impossible to pull off so it will be so fun to see if they can actually make them look as cool as the book describes. The few shots I've seen from the trailers don't have my hopes very high that they can do this. 
  • I think it will also be fun to see all the people of the Capitol. They are so outrageous in the books.
  • Any scene with Liam Hemsworth…ah Liam, I do think I love you… {here is my teenage girl sigh, then a giggle} Wouldn't my husband kill me if I put a poster up of him on the inside of my closet door! {evil chuckle}
Oh that smoldering look!
Oooookayyyyy, moving on....
  • I think it will be really funny if they show the scenes of Haymitch all drunk, falling off the stage, puking all over himself. Gross I know, but funny none the less. I have a strange slapstick sense of humor sometimes.
  • Then there's the scene where Peeta is camouflaged in the mud. Very tricky and smart.
  • Oh and the scene with Katniss sleeping high in the trees. Is that even possible?
  • Oh, oh, and the scene with Katniss shooting the apple out of the pig's mouth. I can't wait to see the expressions of the Gamemakers!
Oh, who am I kidding? I just can't wait for the entire movie! I would be retyping the entire book if I kept going. I'll let you know what I think of the movie.

So what about you, are you guilty of being a tween wannabe and just as excited about this movie as I am? Do you admit it out loud?


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