Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hairstyle Experimentation

I find in life, I can go from one subject to another very quickly. I can hear someone say one little thing and that will spark a memory for me on another subject, that will sometimes spark an idea on another subject all together. So then when I decide to talk out loud to my friends, sometimes I get that look from them and it seems a little random. 

I’m finding this in the blog world as well. I will be reading one of my regular favorite blogs, they will cite another blog, so I click on that link and that blog will cite another blog! Ugh! I think you see where I’m going … but why am I telling you this? Well, I wanted to give you an idea of how I got to this section that I’m starting on this blog.
Here’s the road map…I went to the 6 Sisters Stuff blog one day and they had a guest blogger on their site, see here.
This guest blogger was Stephanie from Hair and Make-Up by Steph. She…is…awesome! I loved the post so much that I went to her blog to check out what else she has to say. As you may know, I have a daughter who is always wanting her hair braided in a French braid. I have such an issue with French braids. I’m not quite sure why, but Stephanie has a link on this blog to her post on braids. See here.
This Braid Breakdown was magnificent! She has some videos out there that show step by step instructions on how to braid in different ways that even I can follow!!!! 
LOVE IT!!!!! I’m so excited! <Do a little dance>  
Well, on Stephanie’s blog she has a link to a YouTube video by a mother who has her own blog called….wait for it….Cute Girls Hairstyles!!! JACKPOT!
See her site here:  Cute Girls Hairstyles! 
See, I told you how I get to a topic in my head or in the blog world always has a great road map!
So, back to my whole point of this post…my daughter and I have decided that we are going to start trying these different styles. I’m going to try them on myself and see how hard it is to do them by myself and also try them on my daughter. We’ll take pictures when we try a new one and post them on here for you to see.
My first time reading this blog I was so excited to try the fish tail braid I couldn’t wait for my daughter to get home from school. So I blindly tried it on myself. I didn’t take a picture of that one...I tried...but holding a phone camera to the back of your own head just wasn’t working. So the next morning, after showing the very cool website to my daughter, I tried the fishtail braid! It worked on the first try and was soooo easy. See the instructions here. 
I definitely recommend checking out her YouTube videos. She does such an excellent job of explaining step by step how to do the braid. 
 Isn't it cute!  I can't believe I did that!

I'll have to try another one on myself and have the munch-kin take a picture of it. 

Thanks so much Mindy!!! You are a life saver! OK, not really a life saver, but we are going to be super cool at school now with our new braids!!!

Now I can’t wait for a crazy hair day at school so we can try them out. Even my son, who seems to think he needs to have shaggy hair these days, wants a crazy hair day and wants me to find something for him online so if he has a crazy hair day I can do something wild and different to him. So what do you think? Do you have any ideas for fun braids or crazy hair days? Even for boys? 

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