Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bucket List

I've never really thought of having a bucket list. Are there things I want to do someday? Yes. Have I ever listed them and kept track of them? No. I know I want to travel. Go to Europe, Australia, Sweden, Hawaii. Oh and here's a weird one, I've always wanted to hold a monkey, not sure why just some strange fascination from when I was a kid. Don't judge me on that one.
I'm not real adventurous, so I haven't really wanted to do any of the athletic stuff like scuba diving, bungee jumping, jumping from an airplane, cliff jumping/diving…
Ah cliff jumping/diving, yep, definitely not on my bucket list, yet I seemed to have found myself at a location in Jamaica last week where that is what people were doing. YIKES!
We took a catamaran to a bar that is located on a cliff on the ocean.
Rick’s Café in Negril,Jamaica!

It was absolutely beautifu
l! They have been named on the Travel Channel’s “Worlds 10 best beaches”. I would have to agree, it was absolutely breath taking.
Many people swim from the catamaran to Rick’s, some take small boats. Which was very scary since the boats and swimmers were all going to the same ladder to go up to Rick’s Café.
I knew my hubby wanted to jump off the cliffs. I knew I didn’t. The first cliff my hubby wanted to try was about 25 feet high. There were locals all around the cliffs. Some standing higher than the 35 foot jump on a makeshift diving board plank thingy. {see it in the picture below, it is way up above the Rick's sign, there is a man on it!} Some in trees and some just on higher cliffs. They waive and jump up and down getting the tourists all excited. Then they jump/dive! 

WOW! Holy Crap! Did they really just do that?
I stood up on the 35 foot cliff and prepared to take pictures of my hubby braving out the 25 footer! I took that first step up on the landing and saw a sign. A warning sign to be exact. They said to me, “be sure to read the sign, Mon, before you jump.” I said, “oh no, I’m not jumping just taking a picture of my husband.” Then I looked at the sign. Big Mistake! I should have taken a picture of it, but all my breath had whooshed out of me when I stepped up onto that platform. But basically it said how dangerous this was, you could die or injure your back! Then that was it, nothing to sign, no waiver forms, no one to tell you all the risks! I’m in Human Resources, this is a very hard concept for me to understand that a company wouldn’t make you sign something before jumping into something so dangerous. And there my dear, loving husband stood. At the edge of the cliff getting ready to jump. I really couldn’t breathe now!
He let another guy go before him and I was stunned. He isn’t afraid of heights and he is the adventurous sort of person so what was he waiting for? Well, come to find out he wasn’t sure how to jump in order to not injure himself. But No Worries Mon. A local Jamaican climbed up the side of the cliff to tell him how to jump correctly…arms first out to your sides like a T, then down to your sides and straight as an arrow into the ocean.
See him climbing there, that little yellow speck? {sigh}
Keeping them out to your sides, I guess, helps you keep your balance to keep you upright. Yeah, whatever.

So there he went! Arms on their way to straight out to his sides.

HE DID IT!!!! And HE’S ALIVE!!!!
I was so proud of him!!!!
Then we walked around Rick’s, took some pictures, bought T-shirts for the kids. My hubby then decides he can’t leave without jumping off the 35 foot cliff! Seriously, I’ve finally recovered from you taking that last leap and actually surviving
! Now you want to make my heart race again!!!!! Yep, pretty much, he did!
He didn’t hesitate at all this time and my camera wasn’t working the best, but here he is in the light blue plaid swim trunks, standing at the top of the 35 footer looking down right before he jumped!!!!!!

And here he is after the jump!!

And again - he did it and he's alive! Whoop! Whoop!
On our way back down to get to our catamaran, there is a ‘little’ 15 foot cliff. My hubby says, “you need to do this!” I say, “what, have a beer?” Oh No, he meant jump off the HUGE 15 FOOT CLIFF!!!! Into the ocean where there is no one in there to help you swim or catch you!!!! Where are all the life guards anyway!? But then I see there is a little boy jumping, he’s probably 10 or 11. I can do this! I know I can!
I had to give myself a little pep talk, while the little boy and his brother probably looked on like, come on old lady, get to it, quit being such a chicken.
But I am a chicken, I’ve never done anything like this and it scares the complete crap out of me! I’m totally afraid to do it. I felt like I stood on that monstrous little cliff for hours. It was probably only 30 seconds, but still!
Then I reached up and plugged my nose and just JUMPED!!!!!


And I’m pretty sure I lost my top and in the very crystal clear ocean water flashed my boobies at all of Rick’s Café to see! But I don’t care I just jumped off a fricken cliff people!!! I’ve never been so proud of myself! ME. I did that! I can tell my kids that I did that and that I’m cool!
I almost ruined it by swimming the wrong way once I was in the ocean. I was so nervous to jump I didn’t really figure out how to get back out of the ocean once I jumped in. My hubby said it was like watching a kindergartner play Tball for the first time and run to 3rd base instead of 1st! I kind of swam the opposite direction of the ladder. But No Worries, Mon, I jumped off a cliff and my boobies are floating for the world to see and I’m swimming the wrong direction and I don’t know how to get out of the ocean.  I LOVE IT!
But alas, I did get out and had my top back in place and hugged my hubby and now have a great story to tell my kids! {deep breath}

So I guess I quickly added, then checked off cliff jumping into the ocean on my bucket list. What about you? What’s on your bucket list or even things you didn’t imagine should be or could be on your list? 


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