Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hair - Oh the Things We Can Do With You!

We are a little obsessed at our house right now with different hair styles. As I said in an earlier post, Cute Girls Hairstyles and Hair and Make-up By Steph have become must reads. 
The Cute Girls Hairstyles {let's just call it CGH, so much easier to type ;)} is mainly for my daughter, however, there are some in there that work on me as well. 
With The Hunger Games movie just out, Mindy from CGH has been busy perfecting those braids and I, of course, love anything to do with The Hunger Games. I just wish my hair or my daughter's was just a little.bit.longer so we could try those out. Patience. Patience. Quit whining, I know.
As we've been trying out these different hairstyles we've taken some pics. What I love best is that most of the time the braid or style I wear or my daughter has, is my first try! That just goes to show you how easy they really are.
I've always struggled with a simple French braid. Who struggles with a French braid? I had super long hair when I was in high school and I never perfected the French braid? Seriously? Nope, never, repeat Ne-Ver been able to do one! Frustrates the crap out of me. But tonight after watching just one little video {here} I went over to my daughter's freshly washed hair and by holding my hands kind of upside-down from what I would normally do {and then, of course, lose my grip on the three separate pieces of hair, and scream in frustration and...anyway}...VOILA! By George I Think She's Got It! A perfect French braid! Yeah me! She's already in bed though and time got away from me so I didn't get a picture of it. No problem Mon {sorry, I just got back from a getaway with my hubby to Jamaica and I can't seem to stop talking like the Jamaicans!} I'll get that picture another day, plus it is a simple French braid, I can do better then that!
So here are some of the styles that we've tried.
This one is on Mini-Me - it is the Bohemian Braid.
You can find the instructions from Cute Girls Hairstyles here. Mini-Me's hair isn't quite as long as Mindy's daughters but we still made it work. The bus arrived a little early this morning, so she missed it. But No Problem Mon! ;)

This one is one I tried on myself after seeing a bunch of pics here on Hair and Make-up by Steph
It is just a simple single twist. Super easy to do, just use lots of bobby pins and it's done. 

The last one I've tried on myself if a side fish tail braid. Again, my hair isn't as long as Steph's, but it still worked and I got tons of compliments.
You can find her instructions here.

All in all, we are just having a fun time trying out the different styles. We're telling our friends about it and they are trying out the different styles. It could be a great bonding experience for us, I guess, if we could figure out how to not bicker while I do Mini-Me's hair! If you can figure that one out let me know!
How about you? Have you tried any new styles lately? I'd love to hear about them or even see pics of them!

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I like the second one best.