Sunday, April 1, 2012

Life lessons

Life Lessons
Embarrassing things happen to people everyday, I just wish they wouldn't happen to me. I take a class at our health club, I believe it is called "Total Body Fitness".  I always love the description of these classes because they make it sound like your whole body will be transformed in a two or three classes.  This is actually a great class, lots of squats, lunges, free weights - you know the routine. I've been going to this class every Monday for the last couple of months. 

A few weeks ago I arrived a few minutes late so I had to go to the front of the class, not a big deal but I'd rather be in the back.  Anyway, about 20 minutes into the class we took a one minute water break after doing 100 or so squats when the woman behind me tapped my shoulder and said I have a hole in my tights.  I said excuse me, she said it again.  So I reached my hand back there to see if I could feel it and sure enough I had ripped a hole, the size of an Oreo, in my black tights.  Holy buckets, the hole is right at the seam in the center of my buttocks.  Help, Help!!  I hauled booty out of there, leaving my jacket with the keys to my car there, and headed straight towards the women's restroom. I stayed in there doing my best positive self-talk I could think of until the class was over. I kept saying to myself, no one saw anything except for the woman behind me, or so I hope. 

I proceeded through the day as if everything was great, the self talk actually worked, until I saw my husband.  He asked me how my exercise class went today.  Seriously, why is he asking me that?  He must have known something was up because he doesn't normally ask.  Needless to say, I hung in there like a champ, I lasted 5 seconds then I started a crying/laughing account of my story.  I am not too sure if it made me feel better or not by telling him but at least I got it out there. 

I didn't go back to the class for two weeks and when I finally did go back the woman who had told me about the hole gave me a hug.  I was hoping she would've forgotten but unfortunately my buttocks must have gave a lasting impression.

So if you ever have an embarrassing moment just think of me splitting my tights in an exercise class and you will automatically feel so much better.  And let this be a life lesson, always check your backside. 


Greta said...

oh my gosh -- I have nightmares about this happening in yoga while I'm in 'down dog' position!!!! Eeek! Glad you survived it and can laugh now. :)

Little Sister said...

Oh NO - like I've said before, you always seem to have those Seinfeld moments!